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Richard's love for health and fitness started when he was young. Today, he's been fortunate to turn his passion into a thriving profession. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1967 - Richard grew up in a strict communist country where children had very high expectations in academics and in sports. As a child, he excelled at Gymnastics and soccer. He left Hungary at age 10 and moved to Vancouver, Canada, where he started Ju-jitsu and Taekwondo. During highschool, Richard incorporated weightlifting, football and rugby into his activities. By graduation, he had reached 3rd degree black belt and was offered a Football scholarship. In his 20's, Richard decided to push himself by starting boxing - where he fought competitively as a boxer, winning two Golden Glove championships and competing in the Canadian National Championships. Richard later became a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Coach, Taekwondo coach for all age levels and a Level 3 Boxing Coach. Richard continues to incorporate his background of sports and martial arts into his workouts with clients. Bringing all of his passions together into one phenomenal workout.

- Portland, WA and BC Golden Gloves boxing Champion.
- 3rd dan in Tae Kwon Do
- Over 30 years of fitness experience in the industry, while teaching all levels of Taekwondo, tukido as well as leading group fitness and boxing classes.
- Certified ISSA personal trainer and Sports Nutrition coach.
- Certified BCRP group and third age leader
- Certified Level 3 Boxing Coach

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