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I always wanted to try boxing and kick boxing, but was so nervous because I knew nothing about it. Richard helped me incorporate fighting techniques into my workouts and within a few weeks I was doing punching and kicking combinations like the pro's! I actually feel like a fighter now!

Mindy B.

Richard is an extremely dedicated personal trainer. I had one-to-one in person classes prior to taking Zoom classes with him (pre-pandemic). I honestly feel like I'm working with him in person during each of our Zoom classes. I'm still sweating and seeing huge results in my body, even though we switched online.

Sasha Stewart

I was so bored of my treadmill, I wanted to step up my training to a whole new level. I cannot believe the results I'm seeing in my body since starting with Richard. I have abs! My endurance is through the roof and I've never looked better.

Christy S.

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